Skin Scientist, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author (BSc. Dip Form Chem, DipEd. ASCC)

Mamamia You Beauty

You Beauty Podcast with Terri Vinson

Hosted by Sharon Hunt, Terri joins the YouBeauty podcast to discuss the different types of oils and how to choose the right one for your skin type.

Glow Journal

Glow Journal with Terri Vinson

Terri joins Gemma to discuss the different stages of skin- the specific changes our skin goes through in each phase of our life, how to meet our skin’s needs during each of those stages, and what a healthy skincare routine looks like at every age.

Lady Brains

Lady Brains and Terri Vinson

Terri shares her experience about the ‘entrepreneurial gap’ and explains how she grew Synergie Skin from the ground up.


Cosmechix and Terri Vinson

Terri joins Katelin and Ella at Cosmechix to share her wealth of knowledge about evidence-based skincare. She reveals her must-have skincare products and explains the chemistry behind which ingredients do and don’t work well together.

Happi Podcast

Terri Vinson Happy Podcast

Terri joins The Indie Interview to discuss her path to becoming a brand founder with hands-on experience inside and outside of the lab. She shares her big plans to grow her Australian-based skincare brand into the US market.

Hey Soul Sista

Hosted by Melissa Histon, founder of The Sista Code and Got Your Back Sista charity, Terri discusses ‘The Entrepreneurs Journey’, and what inspired her to create an international skincare company.

That Beauty Podcast

Terri joins Carli Alman and Bettina Tyrrell to chat about all things beauty and the skin ingredients she recommends using (and avoiding) as a cosmetic chemist.